A short introduction

I still remember how I picked it up, and it’s all thanks to this single StackOverflow blog post, together with the results of the 2020 edition of the StackOverflow developer survey; after reading a little bit about it, I was intrigued, and so I took a look over the Rust book, at which point I liked it quite a bit. Hey, let’s try to write some Rust and see if it gets anywhere, I thought to myself. And so, my first Rust project began, and I took up quite the challenge: write a Discord API wrapper. It never ended up complete, and I’ve long lost the code, but it could parse and respond to simple message commands. I’ve learned quite a bit from it, and so I started my second Rust project: leafbuild. Since then, my programming knowledge has improved significantly, and in no small part due to the help of Rust.